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Titanium and Steel Manufacturing Company (TSM ARABIA) is a joint venture between
-Saudi Steel Pipe Company with major shareholding of 70% and;
-TSM Tech Company of South Koreawith a shareholding of 30%.

Saudi Steel Pipe Company is considered among the leading Saudi companies in the field of welded steel pipes industry since its foundation in 1980.The company has been known as the first manufacturer for steel pipes in the Kingdom and the largest producer of welded steel pipes.

Our technical partnerTSM Tech Company founded in 1998 has a global experience in the process equipment business, and is ranked as the fifth private sector Titanium consumer worldwide.The company has highly distinguished engineering and production know-how. TSM Tech is committed to transfer technology TSM ARABIA engineers and technicians, as well as providing comprehensive support through a long-term Technical Assistance Agreement that covers all aspects of the business, especially engineering, manpower dispatch and training, and continuous technical development.